What hardware does Kale POS support?

Kale POS runs on touch screen Android tablets. Supports industry standard receipt printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers. Please see our recommended hardware here

What type of industries Kale POS support?

Kale POS has many POS, inventory and purchasing features. We have specialized features for multishop, restaurant, hotel, food city, pharmacy, textiles and distributors.

What features do you support for my business?

We have many features to meet your business and industry. Many of our features are customizable. Please see a list of features we support here

Can I transfer my data from my current POS to Kale POS?

Contact our support team to help you extract data from your current system and import to Kale POS.

Can I use Kale POS if internet connection fails?

Yes, if internet connection fails, data will be saved locally. Once you get back the internet connection, your data will be automatically transferred to the server.

Does Kale POS support Sinhala and Tamil Languages?

Kale POS UI can run on English, Sinhala and Tamil languages. We also support printing in English, Singhala and Tamil languages.

Can I use Kale POS on my laptop or ipad?

Kale POS works on android. If you want to use our software on your laptop, please use Kale Online POS. You can check for information about Kale Online POS

Can I manage my multiple businesses or shops?

Our integrated software makes it easy to manage multiple businesses. Monitor your multiple businesses with Kale POS, Kale Online POS and Kale Mobile App.

Can I use Kale POS for my manufacturing business?

Kale POS has basic production/manufacturing features suitable for restaurants, optical shops and some small manufacturing businesses.

Can I cancel my subscription and retrieve my data?

You can cancel your subscription any time, and we will give you enough time to backup your data.