Mobile POS FAQ

How do I Install Kale Mobile POS?

Contact us at Soon you can install Kale Mobile POS on the Google Play Store

Phone requirements are

  • Android version above 5.1
  • RAM 1GB or above
  • 30MB space on your memory

How to upgrade Kale Mobile POS?

You can upgrade from Kale Mobile POS to Kale Mobile POS Pro. Your data will be transferred to Kale Mobile POS Pro.

Please contact us if you need help to upgrade.

Do you backup my data?

Our cloud systems are highly secure. We automatically backup your data regularly. Your data is stored securely and protected.

You can also export reports to Excel and save them to your pen drive or hard drive.

How can I use Kale Mobile POS in my distribution business?

If you have a distribution business, you can use Kale Mobile POS in your vehicles. You can monitor your vehicle's stocks availability and sales from your office.

Can I use Kale Mobile POS for my phone shop?

Kale Mobile POS is the perfect solution for small electronic and phone shops.

How much accounting do I need to know?

We designed Kale Mobile POS as an easy to use app. You don’t need to know accounting. You can see our how-to videos on using Kale Mobile POS. If your team needs training, please contact our support team to help you.

How much does Kale Mobile POS cost?

Kale Mobile POS is a free version. You can upgrade to Kale Mobile POS PRO for a monthly subscription fee.

Is there a Kale Mobile POS demo that I can see?

We provide many How-To-Videos that will teach you how to use Kale Mobile POS. You can watch here

Can I get as a trial version of Kale Mobile POS for 1 month?

Kale Mobile POS is a free app and will be available from Google Play Store soon. Kale Mobile POS Pro version has additional features and has one month trial period. After the trial period ends, you can subscribe by paying monthly fee or cancel the service any time.

Can I use Kale Mobile POS on my iPhone?

Kale Mobile POS runs on Android phones only.