Kale Online POS FAQ

Is Kale Online POS suitable for my business?

Kale Online POS is suitable for most businesses. It is highly customizable for your industry.

Kale Online POS is designed to work on your computer's internet browser and specialized POS hardware.

What hardware is supported with Kale Online POS ?

Kale Online POS is web app. You can use any operating system (Windows, Mac and Linux) with an internet browser.

How many users Kale Online POS Support?

Kale Online POS supports only one user. Kale Online POS Pro supports up to 3 user accounts. Admin user has full access rights.

Another two user accounts can be created with limited features.

Can I integrate Kale POS with Kale Online POS?

Many businesses use Kale Online POS along with Kale POS and Kale Mobile POS to completely manage their business. All your business data is integrated and accessible using all our products.

Can I export data to my accounting application from Kale Online POS?

You can export sales, expenses, items and other data to Excel file and import to your accounting application. We also have Kale Quickbooks Connect and Kale Tally Connect services to send data realtime from Kale Online POS to Quickbooks and Tally Accounting Systems automatically.

Can I manage purchasing with Kale Online POS?

Kale Online POS can help you manage purchasing from suppliers and track supplier payments.

Can I use Kale Online POS on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use it on your mobile phone. But you may want to use Kale Mobile POS app if you own an Android phone.

How can I take inventory with Kale Online POS?

When you first use Kale Online POS, you can take inventory of your stock in Excel and import into Kale Online POS. You can also add items individually using our add item feature.

You can also use Kale Stock App on your phone to take inventory regularly. You can use multiple phones to speed up the inventory taking work.

Can I cancel my subscription and retrieve my data?

You can cancel your subscription any time. You can backup your data when you cancel.

Do you backup my data?

We backup your data regularly and it is securely stored in our data center. You can also export data from Kale Online POS and save it on your hard drive or USB drive.