Kale Add-on Products FAQ

What other applications do you have?

We have few apps that works with our Kale POS, Kale Online POS and Kale Mobile products.

1. Mobile App

2. Barcode Label Printing App

3. Stock Taking App

4. Kitchen Display App

5. Customer Display App

How can I monitor my business away from my shop?

You can use Kale Mobile App to monitor your sales, stock and business from anywhere.

Do you have any app for barcode sticker printing?

We have a barcode sticker printing app. You can customize the information to print on the barcode label. You can print on different size labels.

What is your recommended barcode sticker printer?

Zebra is our recommended hardware for barcode sticker printing. If you have different brands you can communicate with our service team.

What are the barcode sticker sizes I can print?

We support these barcode sticker sizes to meet your needs

35 * 15 mm

35 * 25 mm

70 * 35 mm

50 * 35 mm

What is your recommended package for my business?

We can recommend a solution to meet your business needs. We have several products available. Contact our sales or support team to help you identify best solution for your needs.

Can I customize barcode sticker contents?

Kale Barcode Printing App will suggest information to print on the label. You can customize the content and print on different size stickers.

How can I speed up stock taking?

You can install Kale Stock App on multiple phones and connect a barcode scanner to take stock of your inventory on a regular basis. Taking stock regularly will help you track missing stock. Using multiple phones will allow multiple employees to just scan items from your store and your system will automatically count the total stock your store. You can use this stock count to compare with system stock to find.

Can I use Kale Stock app with other pos system?

Yes, you can use our Kale Stock app to take stock and export data to Excel and import to your POS system.

Do you support Kitchen Display (KOT)?

We can connect our Kitchen Display (KOT) to Kale POS system. KOT can be placed in kitchen or customer waiting area to give status of the order to customers. Kitchen Display can be connected to Kitchen Order printer as well.

Does your system support customer display?

We support two types of customer displays

1. Two lines customer display (Only displays total bill amount)

2. Kale Customer Display can be installed on 10" tablet system. The Kale Customer Display app can be customized to show customer full order list and special promotions or advertisements to customers.